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Ed Labrecque's Ipswich Martial Arts 2-21-03

My good friend and workout partner is into the business end of Karate. Ed Labrecque is a Uechi Ryu Karate school owner in the Uechi Ryu Butokukai.

The Butokukai is an association of independently owned Uechi Karate schools whose founders are students of Sensei Buzz Durkin or students of students of Sensei Buzz Durkin, (www.buzzdurkin.com) in Ed's case.

His and my Sensei is Nancy Gavenda. Sensei Gavenda is a Rokudan (sixth degree Black Belt) and a student of Sensei Buzz Durkin, with her own Dojo in Danvers, MA. Check out her web site, gavendakarate.com.

I was at Ed's Dojo on 2-21-03 and I took these pictures, and then again on 3-5-03 and took these pictures. And again on 3-21-03, when me and some of our friends christened his new dojo with a spirited Uechi Ryu Karate workout. We took these pictures.

If you ever thought about taking Karate lessons, Ed is fine teacher. And you'd be very satisfied with his instruction.

Plus, look at that floor. I don't even practice on a floor like that. If you wish to contact Ed, send me an email. Or you can email him.

Oh yeah, Ed's also a master carpenter. Some of the pics on this page show Ed building out his dojo.



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