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Bunkai means application. There are two formal Bunkais in the Uechi Ryu system, Kanshiwa and Seisan.

These Bunkais are performed with a partner who applies offensive techniques while you counter with techniques from the specific Kata, Kanshiwa or Seisan.

The Bunkai breaks down the Kata into demonstrated, applied, and demonstrated again portions. That is you show a couple of moves from the Kata, then your partner attacks you with prearranged techniques that you apply the previously shown Kata movements to, and then you show those Kata movements again.

You then move on to demonstrate the next couple of moves from the Kata. Until, all the Kata's moves have been demonstrated, applied, and re-demonstrated.

Kanshiwa also has a multiple person Bunkai. Where you are surrounded by opponents, and you apply the Kanshiwa Kata's movements to a prearranged attack sequence. There are no demonstrated kata movements prior to or after being attacked as there are in the more formal two person Kanshiwa Bunkai.

As with all Karate practice, the end result is to develop muscle memory. Where you don't have to think about performing a technique. It happens in response to a stimulus, an aggressive act against you.

The Bunkai is another method for developing that muscle memory. The Kata, by itself is the ultimate method. But, to confirm that the techniques work, the Bunkai instills the confidence that allow the muscles to accept and remember the techniques.

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