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8-7-07 Leyn Burrows Karate


Had a one on one with Leyn Burrows last night. We warmed up with Sanchin, first with the count, then a three step no count, then a 5 step no count. And then I was introduced to Tenshin. I had heard the word before, but didn't understand its meaning. Therefore, I didn't know how to apply it. That's not completely true, I was taught about focusing at the end of a technique, but I probably wasn't ready to accept it or believe that it would make much difference. What a dummy.

The discussion was lengthy, and included this "normal relaxed state of the body" description for moving in and out of Tenshin. The gist of it allows you to be relaxed and not muscle focused until you are ready to absorb a strike or deliver one.

Focusing on Tenshin allowed me to complete each technique of a Kata and not move to the next technique until the previous one had been completed. I always thought I did that, even when I sped up the Kata; I was wrong. As much as I had taught the "complete each move" thought, I wasn't practicing what I was preaching. I was able to quickly learn how to do it by counting each technique as I was performing each Kata. By counting the technique I was able to complete the current technique and only move to the next technique when I had counted its number.

Another critique of my Konchin ended the workout; with major comments on extending some of the techniques, such as the end of the Horse Stance Scoop Toss.

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