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8-22-07 Leyn Burrows Karate


The second workout this week, how cool is that. We did some basic warm up exercises. And then we did Kata as an aerobic exercise, fast. But with emphasis on completing each technique. I may have said this before, but I developed a method to help myself accomplish completing each technique; I used a count, and didn't begin the next technique until I counted it. Leyn said another method is to use your breathing as a delimiter.

We did advanced Kyu Kumite, but not the same Kyu Kumite that I'm used to. Granted most seniors in Nancy's dojo come hard and fast, not being afraid to land a technique. But at my home dojo we never modify the technique that is expected. That's almost the case at Leyn's dojo, except when performing the counter at the end of each series. Leyn performed a number of different counters for each series. And had me question why can't you counter with Back Fists or Nukites instead of the required Secans or Shutos. It was Leyn's question not mine. He made it mine.

Why do I continue to retreat from the Shuto in Kyu Kumite number four, instead of attacking the technique? Both upper (Bruce 6th and Leyn 7th) ranks attacked when doing it with me.

I surmised that the answer lies in my opponent's rank. I decided I need to develop two Karates, one as an instructor/example for beginners and the other for myself to deal with the street and my peers. Hopefully I can keep them separate and use them at the proper time.



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