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8-15-07 Leyn Burrows Karate


This workout, Leyn continued talking about the relaxed natural movements of the body; and then focusing on the strike or just before absorbing contact.

We again warmed up performing Sanchin. This workout was about recovering, using Kata to recover after spending yourself on the heavy bag. Leyn had us attack the heavy bag with 300 plus punches and 70 to 80 kicks. After which we performed Kata, starting with San Serui. After two San Seruis we went bag to the heavy bag for 300 more punches and 70 more kicks. We alternated two Kata with the heavy bag work; working back from San Serui.

Then came the reiterated Tenshin lesson: Tenshin on strike, relax afterwards; relaxed before absorbing contact, Tenshin a split second before contact. Leyn said the core doesn't have to be focused prior to defensive or offensive techniques.

We discussed conditioning and my theory of needing to learn how to hit live, moving targets. Which was promptly shot down. It appears that when you're young, you need a lot of conditioning because we hadn't learned how to avoid being hit. But as we got older and learned how to move and understand angles we needed less conditioning. And on the subject of needing to learn how to hit someone, you can learn it just as well on the Makawara, heavy bag, etc.

While on the subject of dispensing my Karate understanding, I need to apologize to Ed; as my Leaning Elbow Strike technique has been look upon as just basic. And Ed's is used by more advanced Karate practitioners. Sorry Ed.

It was another enlightening workout.

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