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7-17-07 Leyn Burrows Karate


Had a good workout Tuesday. There were three of us; and Leyn brought more toys. It was a pretty simple, but strenuous workout. We began with warm up exercises, abbreviated, but good. We continued with kata, with Bruce suggesting a mirror imaged kata after a traditional one. Leyn agreed, making it a no-count mirror image. After completing 16 kata, as group, we did individual advanced kata beginning with Seiryu.

Leyn brought out two rubberized foam swords, with samurai type handles. The swords were pretty firm, and would give a good hit if contact was made to the head. The purpose was to develop speed and fast defensive reaction time, as well as provide a good aerobic exercise. I was born to late, as no one could defend against me.

We ended with a three man medicine ball circle and a little heavy bag work.

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