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5-9-07 Leyn Burrows Karate

Got to my workout early last night. But someone (new, to me, Jeff) was already dressed and ready to go. I decided to get dressed also, even though Leyn hadn't arrived yet. Did arm and leg pounding with the new guy. Even did a Kyu Kumite. Leyn maybe going the way of George Mattson, concentrating on his soft side (don't tell him I said that). Because he told Bruce (late also) that me and Jeff had done some conditioning. He said it with a laughing tone, maybe even a dismissive one.

We did Intermediate Kata to warm up once the class got started. We performed each Kata in the compass directions (north, south, east, and west). Then we did some two man bag (2 hand bags and heavy bag) and Makiwara (hand held) work. Again I'm seeing additional reasons for doing these exercises. When we worked on the heavy bag we didn't throw any punches, just elbows, both sides. I surmised that Leyn knows we don't do that exercise often; not often enough to perfect an effective elbow strike. And when we worked the 2 hand bags, it was for 3 minutes, really 3 minutes. I haven't been so exhausted since I went 2 minutes of sparring with Paul. Again surmising that there needs to be some aerobic conditioning as part of the training.

Then came the advanced stuff. Leyn used Kata to present this lesson. We were to chose one of the eight Kata and perform it, individually. Leyn led off to demonstrate how to do an advanced Kata, even though he chose Kanchu, an intermediate Kata. The advanced part was taking the Kata performance to the next level. Leyn suggested that you decide which parts of the Kata should be done as combinations. For example: the 3 Circle Blocks and Nukites in Kanchu could be done with the timing of Seisan's Knee Strike (Shoken, delay, Shoken, Shoken). That is after the Sanchin Thrust you would do a Circle Block Nukite, delay then the two remaining Circle Blocks and Nukites in fast succession. This is my interpretation after watching Leyn perform the Kata. He commented that separating techniques while performing Kata was a learning tool and that there were no rules against making up your own combinations of Kata techniques and stringing them together.

I'm embarrassed to say that upon attempts to perform Kanchu and Konchin in this "advanced, choose the techniques you wish to string together" exercise, I failed miserably to maintain my place, making up new Katas on each attempt. I redeemed myself, a little, with a spirited Kanshiwa, even though I slowed it way down, leaving out the requested combining techniques.

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