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3-26-09 Leyn Burrows Karate

Agility Ladder (we have to get one),
Gave intro to new student,
Worked Dan Kumite with Bruce (enlightening),
Bruce "Practice techniques slow 100 times," (who does that sound like?),
Why multiple fists?
Original kata.

Began evening with agility drills (advanced hop scotch). Then Leyn asked me to intro a new student.

After fifteen minutes Leyn took new student for some bag work and I worked Dan Kumite with Bruce. We did number one 50 times; maybe 100 times. Each time Bruce gave me a lesson. I was determined to do it well, the best laid plans etc. I was too hard. The first lesson: When you bang your opponent, with hard blocks, you push him or her away. When you redirect or feel your opponent's strikes while moving your feet to avoid them you stay close and are able to deliver your counters quickly and decisively. Bruce says use your arms as antennas. Use them to figure out where and how strong your opponent is.

It was pretty eye opening, I hope I'm able to demo it accurately. It was more than eye opening it was how Uechi is supposed to be applied. Not only did we practice it 100 times, we practiced it without using our arms to block, just foot positioning and twisting of the body ever so slightly. Amazing.

Bruce showed me that I was blocking him so hard on number two that I moved myself out of position to do a decent counter front kick; the same on number one. The block on the switching of the feet, this is amazing, you use the opponent's punch to put you in the proper position. As you're blocking and switching feet, while you're softly redirecting the punch, it turns you slightly so that you're closer to deliver the counter left to the ribs.

I'm going to save a couple of the other tips he gave me and see if you can tell if I learned the lesson well. Wait 'till you see the defense for Dan Kumite's number one quick front kick, or it's counter Secan; Just amazing.

So while Bruce is teaching me, his whole presentation is sounding like he's read a few of our e-mails and he took some classes with Jonathan. He said, you perfect the technique by doing it slow 100 times. Then do it fast to see if it stands up to the speed test. If it doesn't, go back to doing it slow and find out why it broke down.

I never doubted you Jonathan. Looks like a lot of my basic premises need to be revised.

I also want you to hear what they say about all Uechi's hand strikes: Secans, Ricans, Hirakens, Bushkins, Nukites, Shokens, Shutos, Finger Strikes, etc. It's all about getting to the soft side of the half hard half soft system. But It's late, I wanted to get this out because I'm on the road for home tomorrow and I'd forget all this good stuff.

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