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3-25-09 Leyn Burrows Karate

Obstacle course/hop scotch,
Universal Stretch,
Secondaries, emphasizing maintaining Sanchin arms during block,
Black Belt Kata,
Training discussion, how far it can take you, personality takes over.

Bruce (6th Dan) started us off with foot work/cardio exercise. He had this ladder looking contraption, that he rolled out on the floor. And we did different foot stepping patterns from one end of it to the other, about thirty feet.

So the theme developed into moving your feet, expect to get hit, but you don't have to go toe to toe anymore. Move your feet and find the opening.

So naturally we discussed my theory about hitting and getting hit. Which I may have to revise as I'm discovering there's no where to go with it. Both Leyn and Bruce agree that there's a place for it in our training. But, it's not going to provide the results that I'm looking for. The confidence and fearlessness that I theorize we can develop from training in that manner may or may not happen.

Any trianing: intense, lackadascle, extended, brief can only be proven by the character and personality of the trainee, under fire. Training can only take you so far; the rest is up to who you are and how you're feeling at the time you put to the test. This is a paraphrase form what I remember Leyn and Bruce pontificating on the subject. I agreed.

So there was a lot of discussion along with each kata.

When I get back I'll show you the advanced Step, Block, Grab, and Step; that's in every combination technique we do.

I'm back at it again tonight.

See you Saturday.

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