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3-18-09 Leyn Burrows Karate

Round House Kicks, with a bag holder across the dojo,
Lots of Secondary exercises,
Kata, three each up to Seisan, with a mirror imaged one in the middle, then one each of the Black Belt kata,
During the changing of kata, we did pushups, using a curved and padded pushup bar, must've done 200 pushups,

It was obvious Leyn had work on his mind, because he told me. Not that he's going to get laid off or anything. But he is going through a customer versus his company lawsuit; that he's in the middle of.

It didn't curtail any of his enthusiasm. But there was a slight letdown of creativity.

Leyn keeps selling this advanced karate thought process; of which I readily accept. But I told him I didn't think my sensei would allow me to end Seichin with the ending of San Seiruyu. I told him I'll let my sensei yell at me for moving (extra slide step) at the end of Seiryu; but these other exotic kata modifications would have to wait. He laughed and said Nancy does have the "all in due time" training method.

I'm here for another week, which should net me two more workouts with Leyn.

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