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3-11-09 Leyn Burrows Karate


Theme: Platform

Warmups: 500 punches to the heavy bag and moving (stepping) secondaries

Two each of four kata, Application and Formal

Secrets in Seichin (overlook the Pot of Gold of Seichin, anticipating Seisan) Seichin takes something from every Uechi kata

After warmups, secondaries and kata, Leyn critiqued my Kanchu and Seichin.

All adjustments were aimed at my footwork, identifying where my "Platform" was weak and needed immediate correction.

Leyn's main point was making sure I was in Sanchin when I moved (he called it launching) in any direction. So, if I had to launch left or right or diagonal, I didn't always have to step off; sometimes I could pivot, sometimes I could drop step. But I should always launch from a solid "Platform," Sanchin.

His main Kanchu correction was when I stepped to the back from the left Wah-Uke to the double rising Hirakens, I missed the down block because I was right stepping into the double rising Hiraken, and not setting up my Sanchin "Platform." The remedy was to come off the left Wah-Uke, by left pivoting to the back and right sliding into Sanchin. Then performing the downblock, from Sanchin, then right stepping into the double rising Hirakens.

He made a couple of similar corrections on my Seichin. Right off the top after the two opening Hirakens, I was stepping off to a left diagonal to do a front kick off my back foot. Leyn changed the stepping off with my left front foot, to a pivot on my left and step off right and turn into the diagonal. This put me in the proper launching position for a front kick off the back foot. And kept me from stepping diagonally, which is a weak launching position; because I was stepping out of Sanchin.

The second correction was almost the same. But it was a full ninety degree turn instead of the 45 degree diagonal turn. It came when I was doing the first Seichin Crane Stance Double Scoop block. I was facing front in a left Sanchin, having just completed the double groin strike. I then stepped off 90 degrees left with a leading left foot and did my Crane Stance Double Scoop Block. Leyn's correction was to pivot left on my left foot and bring my right foot over into Sanchin. He said it's the launching position for any technique, as I would have the "Platform" necessary to carry out any technique.

I know some of you guys already do this, I'm finally catching up.

Leyn answered all my questions including what the hand positions mean at the end of kata. First he said Kanei Uechi told him some things after I told him Jonathan busted my protect and healthy description, calling it Zen and saying that that's the answer most Senseis give when they don't have an answer. The main thing Kanei told Leyn was always be on alert, even when your hands and your general position is in Closed Gate (closed), Stacked Shokens (neutral), Palm Up/Palm Down (neutral), Palms Up (closed), Palms Down (open). Be on alert until you bow out and divert you eyes as a show of trust. He asked me to throw a right punch, while he stood in the Palm Up/Palm Down stance. I threw a right puch and he pushed blocked with the Palm Down hand and slapped me with the Palm Up hand.

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