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George Leslie Borden
140 School Street, Marshfield, MA 02050
(781) 837-6043 Home, (781) 582-5368 Mobile


GDT-General Data Tech -Dallas, TX

2014 - Present
  Network Engineer
  • Providing Network Engineering support to a large Cisco Reseller.

Clearwater Telecommunications Inc. - Warwick, RI
Lesborden.com - Marshfield, MA
YAS CApital Partners - Boston, MA
ortech, LLC - Atlanta, GA
ABSi Broadband Solutions - Rockville, MD
Deployment Technologies, Inc. - Londonderry, NH
Telecommunications Support Services - Melbourne, FL

2003 - 2013
  Cable Modem Systems Consultant
  • Provided DOCSIS 3.0 training development support upgrading and presenting Cisco’s 10K M-CMTS and RFGW-10 EdgeQAM to Cisco Sales Engineers.
  • Consultant to the Executive Staff at Clearwater Telecommunications.
  • Industry Executive Consultant at YAS Capital Partners.
  • Travelled across the country with stops in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Louisiana, Kansas, and Wyoming performing a variety of cable modem/CMTS installation (CMTS config generation with test and verification), and maintenance (CMTS config upgrade with test, verification, and cutover monitoring) activities for a mixture of large (3 million subs) and small (580 subs) cable operators.
  • Provided Arris's Professional Services Group with Cisco/DOCSIS 3.0 expertise, upgrading Time Warner Charlotte NC's Arris C4 and Cisco 10K CMTSs across 30 plus sites. Performed Cisco 10K/DOCSIC 3.0 hardware, software and configuration file upgrades. Provided on-site DOCSIS 3.0/Cisco 10K configuration file maintenance training.
  • Modified DOCSIS 3.0/Cisco M-CMTS Training to include the Cisco I-CMTS and its 20x20 Line Card.
  • Provided DOCSIS 3.0 Training support for Oceanic Time Warner Cable of Hawaii, specifically during the lab and troubleshooting sessions.
  • Upgraded Cisco Training Facility to accommodate DOCSIS 3.0 and M-CMTS in conjunction with its beginner’s Cable Router training.
  • Customized DOCSIS 3.0/Cisco 10K M-CMTS training for major domestic and international cable operators.
  • Developed DOCSIS 3.0 training for Cisco partner in both PowerPoint and MS Word pertaining to Cisco’s Modular CMTS.
  Quality Assurance Engineer
  • Successfully troubleshot large cable modem vendor’s DOCSIS 3.0 CMTS test bed for configuration, connectivity, RF levels and other discrepancies, in order that the vendor could test its wide band cable modems and pass Comcast Labs stringent test requirements.
  Lead Systems Engineer
  • Led 6-man team installing and testing Arris DOCSIS 3.0 CMTSs in multiple Comcast hubs in Greater Philadelphia.
  Senior Systems Engineer
  • Engineered and installed DOCSIS test platforms, test equipment, CMTS and eMTAs for DOCSIS test plan creation and completion.
  • Deployed Cisco series routers, terminal servers, DC power cabling, fiber, CAT-6; turn-up and test after basic configuration loads for all Southern Region Adelphia/TW/Suscom regions.
  • Installed and tested Cisco routers and terminal servers for regional MSO networks.
  • Troubleshot and tested Adelphia’s cable modem provisioning system and provided valuable recommendations, including methods for reducing the number of cable modem configuration files.
  Cable Modem Systems Engineer/PC Maintenance Engineer
  • Provide on-call personal computer, PC applications installation, maintenance and training. Setup, install and maintain Ethernet to cable and DSL wired and wireless networks for PC, MAC and Unix peer to peer and Internet connectivity.
  • Troubleshot and tested Adelphia’s cable modem provisioning system and provided valuable recommendations, including methods for reducing the number of cable modem configuration files.
  • Setup, documented, and maintained the Town of Dracut, MA proprietary cable modem system connecting over 10 remote departments, including multiple fire stations, police, public works, senior citizens, and town hall locations.
  • Consultant to cable system operators, providers and users; including Adelphia, Comcast, Deployment Technologies, and the Town of Dracut, MA on VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol), VOD (Video on Demand) and cable modem system installations; documententing system upgrades, VoIP installs, configuration file analysis, and proprietary and DOCSIS standard data over cable TV system installation and maintenance.

ARRIS - Andover, MA, Suwanee, GA
  Senior Marketing Technical Support Engineer, Exhibits and Promotions
2001 - 2003
  • Selected, trained and managed groups of technical support engineers for product demonstrations at industry trade shows and at customer and Value Added Reseller (VAR) seminars.
  • Built Hybrid, Fiber, Coax (HFC) cable plants (networks) for the 2000 Western Cable Show at the Los Angeles Staples Center and other convention centers around the world, providing data (Internet), voice (live telephony) and video, for parent company and other exhibitor booths.
  • Collaborated with industry vendors to plan, implement and demonstrate complete end-to-end voice, video, and data over HFC systems.
  • Built and documented highly successful mobile product demonstration kits; deployed domestically and internationally, used for customer training and sales presentations.
  • Planned three, built and maintained two Corporate Demo Centers (John's Creek and Antec's Technology Circle) with fully functional broadband data and telephony modems.
  Nortel Networks/Arris Interactive/Bay Networks - Andover, MA
  Customer Documentation Manager
1999 - 2001
  • Supervised six technical writers in two locations (Andover, MA and Atlanta, GA) in developing industry leading customer documentation for company’s best-in-class RF voice and data networking products.
  • Managed the development of a secure web-based document server that provided documentation to sales force, in-house and field technical staff, and saved approximately $60,000 per year in support costs.
  • Improved productivity of technical writers by 80% by providing them hands-on product training.
  • Provided creative RF and cable modem system technical support to Nortel Network’s Trade Show group for all major cable industry trade shows.
  Principal Field Engineer/Technical Instructor
1996 - 1999
  LANcity Corporation - Andover, MA
  Technical Publications and Quality Assurance Manager
1992 - 1996
  • Produced all hardware (installation/maintenance), software (user/reference), marketing, sales and training documentation for company’s data over cable TV system products.
  • Responsible for creating all technical proposals (RFPs) and reviewing all requests for quotations (RFQs).
  • Was on the team that installed the first cable modem on a public cable television network at Tualatin, OR, 1992.
  • Installed multiple data over cable TV networks on municipal INETs, including networks for school and local government systems in over 22 municipalities nationwide and in Mexico.
  Applitek Corporation - Andover, MA
  Principal Technical Writer/Customer Service Manager
1988 - 1992
  • Produced all hardware (installation/maintenance), software (user/reference), marketing, sales and training documentation for company’s RF system products.
  • Responsible for creating all technical proposals (RFPs) and reviewing all requests for quotations (RFQs).
    Project managed the largest Local Area Network installation in the U.S.
Cable System Troubleshooting
Cable Modem Provisioning
RG & RJ Cable Preparation
MS Office: Word, Outlook,
Excel, Access, PowerPoint
PC: DOS, Windows
Spectrum Analyzer
DOCSIS Protocol
Ethernet Protocol
Mainframe: Unix
TCP/IP Protocol
3D Studio Max
Corel Draw


Voice Over IP Basics
Introduction to 3D Studio MAX
Accelerated Router Configuration
NetID Installation and Configuration
Boston University, Metropolitan College
Broadband Communications Technology
Cornerstone Voice: A Technical Overview
Vector Signal Analyzer and Spectrum Analysis Training

Nortel Networks Certificate
Bay Networks Certificate
LANcity Certificate
Bay Networks Certificate
Interdisciplinary Studies
ARRIS Certificate
Bay Networks Certificate
Nortel Networks Certificate
  • Accurate and Detail-Oriented
  • Technical Writing/Publications
  • Trade Show Technical Leadership
  • Customer and Internal Technical Training
  • Voice and Data Over Cable System Support
  • DOCSIS Test Plan Development and Implementation
  • Shares information and keeps co-workers and team abreast of issues
  • Communicates clearly and effectively in writing, phone, and in person
  • Demonstrated ability to maintain self control while defusing stressful customer situations
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