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About Me

My folks named me George after my father. My friends and family call me Les, short for Leslie. My mother didn't want a junior, so I was given a middle name of Leslie instead of my dad's middle name Lorenzo. I would have liked being called Lorenzo.

My Dad passed away December 18, 2010 and we celebrated him with a wonderful send off. His sons, daughters, relatives, and friends all came to show their appreciation of his life. And I captured some of it in pictures, and posted them here.

I've taken lessons for everything, the Martial Arts, Golf, Computers and Computer Networking. I'm an amateur gardener, motorcyclist, photographer, webmaster, husband, father and grandfather. I love to play golf, fly kites, build and fix computers and networks, travel, work in the yard, take pictures, record, listen and dance to music, do and teach kumites and kata, and collect. Yes collect; gadgets, hats, DVDs, books, yard tools, golf stuff, and my wife would add cameras. I'd love to become proficient at growing roses; and even more proficient at playing golf and taking pictures.

Some career details can be found in my resume. And, my Road King is my favorite toy.

If you see something that interests you, you disagree with or question please e-mail me. I can be reached at glborden@yahoo.com. Comments, opinions and lessons expressed on this site are all mine, unless credit is given elsewhere.

Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above. My life, my family, my abilities, my happiness are good gifts from above. And I thank God and his Son Jesus for these gifts. And I pray that the Holy Spirit keeps reminding me who it is that deserves all the credit for allowing me to have them.

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